ESCO (Energy Saving Company or Energy Service Company) is a comprehensive approach to implementing energy services that aims to increase energy use efficiency. It assumes that the generated savings pay for the actions taken.

In the scope of ESCO services, additional solutions exist based on modern technology. These include alternative electricity generation methods or combined heat and electricity generation.

Join smartESCO and take advantage of the most favourable DUON cooperation terms:
  • Savings guarantee resulting from the increase in usable energy production efficiency relating to fuel energy
  • Investment implementation without financial outlays – pay for the savings that are actually generated
  • Comprehensive energy services, including appropriate technical and energy documentation preparation, as well as service and process monitoring
  • Transfer energy production responsibilities to DUON, e.g. by outsourcing boiler rooms
The offer is created with your individual needs in mind and always includes:
  • Current and future production, energy security, business continuity, office and heating needs of the enterprise
  • The current condition of the boiler room infrastructure and possible and planned retrofit works
  • Environmental enterprise conditions
  • Energy and business goals

smartESCO does not require any contributions from you.


Energy efficiency, in conjunction with DUON’s comprehensive energy processes approach, allows you to cooperate for an economically justified period and includes aspects such as:

  • Boiler room solutions optimizations to obtain energy efficiency and ensure financial benefits
  • Supply and quality assurance of optimal fuels for production processes
  • Cooperation formula adaptation to your comfort and needs along with energy outsourcing
  • Options energy process monitoring selection along with process supervision
outsourcing energetyczny

DUON energy

Energy outsourcing consists of energy consulting, investment implementation, facility operation, property management and the energy product supply necessary to achieve measurable savings in your company.

DUON outsourcing benefits include:

  • Focus on running your main business
  • Recover funds frozen in energy
  • Allocate the generated savings for the development of the production parts
  • Optimize service costs
  • Improve process profitability and efficiency
  • Improve enterprise security
  • Reduce the costs of recruiting and training employees
  • Lower the contract management costs
  • Access a wide range of energy experts


DUON provides cooperation models that are convenient for you. One example is the systems leases and supply of production energy and heat to reduce investment and operating costs. In this model, retrofitting or redevelopment costs can be financed by DUON.

smartESCO wynajem
smartESCO - analizy energetyczne


Conducting an energy analysis under smartESCO reveals the real energy needs of the company, thereby helping reduce costs.

Part of our services is an analysis of the system, plant and equipment. The collected information shows a full picture of every energy parameter in the fields of electricity, gas, process steam and heat or other energy carriers.

Moreover, this examination of various forms of energy consumption informs our assessment of the system efficiency, then helps us prepare an optimal solution in the field of energy production technology and its technical and economic analysis.

smartESCO supports the management of enterprises’ energy needs.