Comprehensive energy solutions

DUON offers enterprises comprehensive energy solutions based on various ecological fuels, as well as conduct distribution and natural gas trade.


ESCO (Energy Saving Company or Energy Service Company) is a comprehensive approach to implementing energy services that aims to increase energy use efficiency. It assumes that the generated savings pay for the actions taken.

In the scope of ESCO services, additional solutions exist based on modern technology. These include alternative electricity generation methods or combined heat and electricity generation.

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kompleksowe rozwiązania energetyczne

Areas for improvement

Our detailed analysis of energy systems and processes in the company will guide us to propose solutions that will generate more efficient energy utilization.

Your company is guaranteed measurable benefits, such as:

  • Production cost optimization through increasing the efficiency of devices and processes as well as through reducing the amount of fuel consumption
  • Energy cost reduction
  • Improving air quality at your plant and in its immediate vicinity by reducing harmful substance emissions

Sample cooperation models

When you join smartESCO, DUON can handle all of your power supply and energy security processes. This is true from the concept and design stage, through investment implementation, facility operation and asset management, and on to delivering final energy products. This solution guarantees not only financial savings, but also time and legal savings for your company.

Our specialists will propose a comprehensive energy solution tailored to your company’s needs. A thorough optimization analysis will lead to the selection of the most advantageous variant, translating into the reduction of 1 GJ of heat production cost or the reduction of steam demand.

Choose the convenient variant for you and we will implement it:

  • Fuel and energy supply along with boiler room retrofit
  • System lease and supply of production energy and heat
  • New boiler room construction
  • Energy outsourcing