Natural gas

Natural gas is a fuel used primarily as an energy source in various production, technological and chemical processes, as well as a heat source. Natural gas is distributed on the Polish market via a network of gas pipelines or, once cooled and liquefied, via trucks equipped with cryogenic tanks. It has vastly fewer impurities than other fuels (e.g. coal, heating oil), making it environmentally harmless.

natural gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a convenient and economical alternative to other energy carriers, such as heating oils or LPG. Clean and completely moisture-free, LNG has a constant calorific value, guaranteeing production process stability. Reducing LNG volume by 600 times means it can be transported easily and economically, no matter the distance. This convenience often eliminates the need to build expensive gas pipelines.

LNG helps solve energy problems for industries that are distant from transmission networks. It is also essential in the gasification of cities and villages.

LNG is a universal and proven carrier with many applications, be it either the standard or highly-advanced needs of enterprises.

LNG advantages for your company

Recover your storage space lost to coal or heating oil – gas liquefication decreases its volume, enabling an efficient LNG storage process.

Use natural gas even if you can’t access the pipeline. LNG’s small volume makes it easy to transport to non-gasified areas. It’s also an excellent alternative to nitrogen-rich network gas.

No more waiting for the construction of a gas pipeline or target regasification station – LNG can function as a temporary power source, reducing the waiting time for starting fuel supplies.

Improve the air quality inside and around your plant – LNG combustion significantly reduces emissions of PM2.5 and PM10 dust, as well as sulphur oxides (SOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Gaz sieciowy - układ pomiarowy

Network gas

DUON’s distribution network currently consists of over 700 kilometres of gas pipelines in 12 network locations connected to the national gas system and about 70 kilometres of gas pipelines in locations based on LNG. Over 8,000 recipients use our services.

DUON Dystrybucja supports clients all over Poland. The gas network can be connected to in select locations. Above all, natural gas is a convenient and universal source of energy – it provides residents with heating, hot water, and cooking heat simultaneously.

We serve individual clients through our Service Centres – the list is available here.

You can also benefit from co-financing for the new heat sources and thermal efficiency improvements of single-family buildings. Find details here.


gas supplies

DUON offers a temporary or emergency power supply service, i.e. a periodic natural gas supply during gas system modernization or failure.


  • LNG supply – cooled, liquefied natural gas with high methane content
  • Construction and 24/7 temporary regasification system service
  • Qualified staff with the required licenses


  • Gas flow up to 4,000 Nm3/ h
  • Pressure from 50 mbar to 9 bar
  • LNG after evaporation corresponds to the value of natural gas of subgroup E (GZ50)
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