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smartGAS is DUON’s answer to the growing demand in the Polish market for natural gas in the SME sector. Payment is by tonnes, meaning you can buy fuel on very favourable terms.

The DUON smartGAS product busts the myth that LNG is only for companies with high energy demands. Nothing could be further from the truth.

DUON’s 20 years of experience in the gas industry, and an extensive network of LNG regasification stations, have driven us to develop a product that even low energy companies can use. DUON smartGAS is a set of ready-made solutions that we select depending on your needs.

DUON smartGAS works anywhere it isn’t possible to connect to the national transmission system, or where it isn’t possible to provide adequate power. The LNG system construction process can take up to 3 months depending on the selected solution. But keep in mind that this is much shorter than the time needed to build the infrastructure for connecting to the pipeline.

Changing to natural gas through DUON smartGAS also means improving air quality in your immediate area. LNG is  clean fuel and leaves no residue on the equipment during combustion. Learn more about natural gas and its LNG form here.

The telemetry solutions in DUON’s systems put us in charge of all the gas supply order issues. This means you don’t have to worry about delivery cycles or the stock level in the tank. Giving up coal or oil systems means you will save not only the time spent servicing and ordering fuel, but also free storage space.

Simultaneously, switching to natural gas lets you use cogeneration, i.e. combined heat and electricity production, which can increase production process efficiency, in turn contributing to more dynamic business development.

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What will you achieve thanks to DUON?

Natural gas access without needing to connect to the pipeline

Gas supplies after 3 months from the start of construction

No more dependency on gas pipeline transmission restrictions

Improve the air quality for you and the surrounding inhabitants by using eco-friendly fuel

Gain valuable time by transferring fuel order responsibilities to DUON

Introducing cogeneration can help increase your company’s efficiency

Take another step toward dynamically developing your company

Save time and space wasted for the use and service of coal or oil systems


years on the market

Experienced partner

Savings guarantee


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Always on time!

Cooperation throughout Poland


DUON’s long-standing cooperation with various industries in the Polish economy (food, ceramics, civil construction, road engineering, power energy, heating, and transport industries) and our energy market experience, make us a trusted partner providing measurable benefits to our clients. Two decades in the industry have allowed us to develop cooperation models that are beneficial for the client.

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