Regulated gas sales

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LNG sales in kilograms

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LNG for transportation

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For home

Comfort, safety and ecology

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Temporary gas supplies

DUON guarantees natural gas supply continuity in the event of fuel inacessibility due to the renovation or failure of a gas network, gas facilities or reduction and measuring units as part of a temporary supply. This also acts as an ideal temporary solution while the target regasification station is being built or the gas network is being connected.

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Gaz sieciowy

Network gas

DUON currently has over 700 kilometres of gas pipelines. Our assets include 12 network sites connected to the national gas system and approximately 70 kilometres of gas pipelines in locations gasified through liquified natural gas (LNG) stations. Over 8,000 recipients utilize our services.


DUON provides LNG transport services via DUON Logistyka sp. z o. o. (formerly PGS). Gas supply is guaranteed across the nation through one of the largest vehicle fleets in Poland equipped with specialised tanks and a qualified team of professional drivers. In 2019, over 1,600 deliveries were completed – always on time!

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DUON Logistyka